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Interesting Stuffs – 3

Exciting things I learned and read during the week (18 Oct – 25 Oct) beside my current hard workload of reading papers in my topics for PhD:

  1. Crosshatch Automata
  2. Podcast No stupid question

Episode: How much of your life that you actually control? In this episode, the two hosts discussed two questions: “Do you shape your world, or does your world shape you?” and “How do you stop procrastinating?”

There is a summary of what the two hosts mentioned in the podcast. Two things stuck in my mind are first, it is better that you believe could control your world, this, in overall, has positive effect in your income and so on in the future. However, I remember an episode in the Asian Boss Girls podcast, one of the hosts mentioned that from long, she was criticizing herself for not good enough and just trying to be better and sometimes it could lead to that she devalued herself, and then later, she realized that it is also in the culture, in the system of the society that shaped her to think like that. So she has changed her mindset not to blame to herself, but try to change that system. I think this does not contradict with the first idea, it is complementary with this idea that we also should realize when and how our world is trying to shape us, and how we could break of that thought.

Another thing in this episode is an idea that raised by Stephen that procrastination is, in a way, could benefits you or is good. For example, a waiter can remember orders from many customers until it has not served yet, but after it is served, the waiter cannot remember what the customer had ordered from beginning. This raises the question that would it be when we let things undone/ unfinished, will there be more rooms for creativity? I think this idea is interesting, because we have been locked into the concept that procrastination is bad/ negative, we should fix that. But this one is actually get us to understand we are trying to frame an idea, and to assume that it is bad without thinking in more aspects.

3. Podcast Unlock FM

Episode: Trang and Learn for Forever. Somethings I learned from this episode:

– You need to know what you want. Plan your things ahead, prepare yourself to know what it needs to be done, but be flexible. Know that things can go out of your plan, but you need to have plan B, plan C, plan B1, C1 to know there are many possibilities.

– Network: when you go ask somebody, be sure what you want to ask. Whether this person can help you in the area that you want to ask. Be clear. Be concise. Respect the time of each other.

– Ethics of work: when devote yourself to work, be sure to put 110% to that. For example, the guest wants to get a job, so she, each week, set a target to reach out 3 people, go to a networking event at Boston, New York and ask for friends to recommend and to join these events, even this place is far from her place. Also, in doing side project: do something that you find fascinating, but be sure it can be scaled or apart from passion, remember how this will add value to you and also others. Passion for yourself is good, but to get it to go long term, it should have the capacity to, at least, scale or self-financed.

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