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A little train

Always promised myself to write more often.

Always planned things to do everyday including writing journal for my trips and then procrastinated.

But I get writing for me is like a feeling. I write when something excites me to write. It’s just so simple – a person, a couple, a tree, a movie, a song or a situation. Like today, only seeing this photo reminds me of the alone trip by train from San Francisco to Seattle – 22 hours on train – alone .


Some people may think that it is so boring to be on the train by yourself for 22 hours – like torturing yourself when you cannot talk to anyone, cannot have wifi to “connect with the world”, cannot go anywhere like what you want.. But for me, it is one of the trips that I will remember most.

Watching the scenes passing to you in a couples of seconds

The train takes you from the beach to the mountains, from the city to the village, from the fields to the forests, from sunset to sunrise, from hot and sunny to snowy and cold.. I cannot use words to describe the nature, because everyone will observe the scenes with different feelings. Only with real eyes and an open heart, you could see the real beauty in them.


Lost in thoughts

I remembered I saw an Asian girl – like me – travelling alone there and she was also writing in her journal.. – not sure what things she was writing, maybe her diary, maybe her ideas for something, maybe she is an author of a book, but I cannot help but taking a photo of her because it looks beautiful.


I also saw a couple. They looked different. But in the US, everyone is just different and no one judges you for that difference. The guy loves taking photos. He has a professional camera. The girl likes sewing. Seeing them happy makes me happy too, because I know love is something just simple like that – when we do our own favorite things but we enjoy the other company. Love is simple – in simple things we do.


Like a movie

For every romantic movie fans, the “Before..” trilogy is not strange anymore. And will you ever forget how these two meet each other – on the train and have deep talks by learning each other. That day on the train brought me back to those scenes in the movie.


Noted in my life – You did – what you always wanted to do – traveling alone by train. Trang in her 26.


Was it alone? Yes. Was it lonely? No. Not at all.

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