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For such a long time, I havent watched a romatic movie or a romantic short film. Truthfully, I was scared – scared that when I watch those movies and it will touch the memories that I do not want to be touched. But life goes on, I think I had enough courage to watch those romantic short movies again. And feel thankful to watch though – cuz after that, I dont feel sad but more like I feel myself be open and relieved again.

Untouchable – a word that is really beautiful.

The short movie is about the two people who used to be in a relationship, but broke up and finally could see each other again in a party.

The guy still couldnt forget. The girl already moved on by seeing another one. But for sure, they experienced a hard time to overcome those familiarity, those memories. When everynight, they wanted to text each other but then their ego said no.., and the game of texing will never change anything.

“Who am I to you, Evan?
You’re someone I cant seem to get past.
Do you want to get past me?
We all want a story. We want that perfect resolution to our heartaches and curiousity.
But real life never as good as our perfect story.
You say you want this story, but u’ve stuck in this one page the whole time. No story can happen if you are not willing to turn the page. You’re holding on this one moment or possibility and before you know it, the rest of the world is going to finish the rest of the book and start reading a new one. And you’re gonna be stuck here reading the same page over and over.

You cant be so scared, Evan.


It should evolve and even fade a little. But there are certain things that will never disappear. Those things are untouchable. You, Evan, are untouchable.”

Good short of Wongfu production. You never fail to impress me.

Sometimes, there are things in your life are untouchable. 

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