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I think of the title for my entry. And I call it love. Cuz sometimes, we just limit the definition of love. Love is really broad. Love can be between a man and a woman. Love can be among family members. Love can be between “a little kid” with her grandmom. Or even love can be between those 2 strangers with just some small conversations, but it can be called love cuz I think it’s the suitable word in this case.
Sometimes I wonder myself, like we’re trying to make other people impress but what we really need is to be happy and to make our loved ones happy.
We forget those simple things and just run like we’re in a competition, we forget who are really important in our lives.
Our work life is just so competitive but there are so many sincere people out there they help other people without any intentions and without any thoughts of wanting to be returned anything.———-Just a small chat with a friend but just like I can talk all of my thoughts inside.I want myself to be around those people.


Im asking myself?

Why when you grow up, why when you go to work, you have to be so “cold”, you have to be “fake”, you have to “compete”, you have to “show off”, you have to “make fake relationships”? Why you cannot live with your trueself and why you have to consider all of your actions just to “satisfy” someone?

When I go to the hospital to visit my grandmom, I realize life still has so many good people. Sometimes, I’m afraid I will lose my roots, sometimes I’m afraid I will live like other people trying to be fake just to get some recognisation from other people.

I want to live simply like them, to truly care for other people. They dont have high education, but why I respect them more than my co-workers. True. Education doesnt evaluate your value. You can be a master, you can be a PhD, but if you live “too fake” and just for yourself, you will never earn respect from other people.

I see their smile. And those smiles are from their heart, from their sincere heart. I see their actions. And those caring actions are from their true care for other people. Their smiles and some small talks with them can brighten my day more than anything else.

Though they are so poor, though they are really sick, they still can transfer their happiness to me – a normal person. Is it too strange? It should be vice versa. I should be the one who gives them strength and motivation.

Grandmom will only stay for some more days. But I think I will remember those faces more than anything else. Only 2-3 small talks but can have so much impacts on my life.

Life is really beautiful because of those sincere hearts and smiles.

She gave me these little plums though this is only the 2nd time we met. Got the gifts from the patient – how strange it is!

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