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[PhD Diary] Netherlands in the autumn

One of my most favorite things while I am in the Netherlands is to walk around or “hike”. Just takes 5-10 minutes by train, I am somewhere out of the city life, and immerse into nature.

Today is also that day. Amazing how inside the city, I used to think on Sundays, people stay at home and only go out in the afternoon. It turns out they go on a hike since the morning.

The day began when I just walked out of my place, a person already said “hi” so enthusiastically to me as a prediction how great this day gonna be.

Schin ol Geul welcomed me with a perfect scene for a photograph – train station having some depth and a warm yellow color of autumn.

The hike was not difficult, having both forest, grass fields, top views, and animals.

And a highlight of today’s hike goes to this sleeping cow! Enjoying their life in such a cold day by letting themselves sleep regardless of whatever happens out there – my sleep is important, humans and friends, you understand?

So if you are in the Netherlands, hoping to get to nature, why don’t you visit this trail in Schin op Geul?

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