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Interesting Stuffs – 1

Things I learned and found interesting this week (5 Oct – 10 Oct) beside my current exciting work 🙂

1/ An online platform that promotes kindness:

Telepath is an online platform cofounded by a former head of Quora. It is an invited-only online platform where participants need to register with real names and real authentication like phone number to get accepted. Its purpose is to promote kindness among people with the belief that if people are exposed with their real name and identity, they will behave in such a nice way to avoid criticizing and harming people. This, in the end, serves with the goal that people will find more protected and connected with an alike community.

However, there are also some concerns about the platform. First, there is a worry that if its model is invited-only, it is likely that it only attracts a certain network of people, lead to be a hostile environment with a person different from them. This results from the fact that it lacks of diversity. Second, how moderators of the platform can differentiate between criticism and online abuse. The final concern is on the number of people in the platform. Currently, it serves around 3000 people, but the question is how they can increase the number of access and registered people in the community and expand their diversity, not only on women and black people, or on Silicon Valley network.

2/ How to make a targeted employers spreadsheet

This is an article documenting how to make a spreadsheet of targerted employers spreadsheet, including three steps. Step 1: Identify organizations that you want to work in (organizations that you applied, followed, interned, heard about through conference/network, donated, etc. Research about their competitors. An ongoing endeavor that you keep coming back and refresh the list to see if these organizations are still aligning with your purpose and career goal); Step 2: List your key reasons for pursuing these companies (values, growth, leaders, ethics, expertise). Step 3: Keep track and expand your network.

3/ Collatz conjecture

An interesting math question that mathematics has not solved. Dig into the magics of math!

4/ The secret of fireflies

I love Nicky Case’s product. His visualization and his explanation are beyond amazing. This illustration is based on the book Sync How Order Emerges from Chaos in the Universe Nature & Daily Life of Steven Strogatz. The mathematics of self-synchronizing originated from a group of scientists who were curious at how fireflies brighten and have a harmonized sync. This to say simply would be a good habit of yours will affect your close neighbors bit by bit, and in turn, your neighbors will then make it spread to their neighbors.

5/ The wisdom of the madness/ crowd

If you want to learn more about social network in a fun way, this is the way. It is based on the wisdom of the madness book that how ideas can spread or how fake new spread.

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