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Questions. Courage. Smile.

In life, at whatever age, at whatever time, you will find yourself surround by questions, by doubts, by comparing, by pressure, by choices.

Before 18, it maybe “What grades that you get for this subject?” “What position you are in the class?”

At 18, “Which university that you get in?” “Is that a good university?” “How about your other friends?”

At 22, “Have you got any job?”

At 24, “Do you have any lover yet?”

At 27, “When you are getting married?”

At 30, “How much is your salary now?”, “Have you got any house yet?”?

At 35, “How good is your kid? Is he studying well?”

And the list of questions just keeps going on. It just depends on your age, on your current situation, the questions may change for little or much.

All of the questions. All of the pressure. For some people, it is just that they are curious. For some people, it is that they truly care about you. But by any intention or not, it will give you a pressure.

I do not write this for the purpose of giving an advice for you. Because I also do not know how to handle those questions and how to stop people asking those questions.


Be more courageous.

This is what I always remind myself. Be more courageous to accept yourself and accept others. To know that you are enough by being yourself, by doing what you truly want for your life, and by following what your heart is telling you.

Do not let those questions eat you up. Do not let those questions let you down. And above all, do not let those questions make you follow the path that you do not want to.

In the end, you are the most important. If you are happy, you can spread that happiness to the world. And like a domino effect, the world’s happiness gets back to you. Do not blame on the other people who are asking you these questions, because believe that they are caring about you – somehow. Change how you react with those questions and you will realize… “Ah, thank you for making me more courageous”

Smile for a better day, a better world 🙂

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