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One fine summer

A meaningful summer. An exciting summer. A more mature summer. A peaceful summer. And an unforgettable summer.

I guess there will never be a time that I could spend my 3-month summer on only exploring, experiencing and finding myself like this.

A 10-day trip to travel around Indiana, Illinois and Michigan – like a road trip, but not really a road trip in the US. A 1 month 12 days trip in Latin America countries to be immersed with breathtaking scenery; with lovely, nice, kind, sometimes weird people; with good and bad food; with some experiences that I think I can never get the same experiences again. Another 1 month in Bloomington to spend time for myself; to improve myself; to live in a slow and peaceful way. May I say – this summer is the best summer ever in my life until now.

And for another post – when I have more time to note all the things, all the memories down – I will tell you how my summer went, what I learned from that, what I was so impressed, etc.

But for now, happy summer, everyone ❤ To anyone who happened to read my post, I wish you have a great summer till now.

Summer is not as beautiful as Spring with flowers, as Fall with falling leaves, as Winter with white snow.. But Summer is still so special. Hot. Green. Refreshing in its own beautiful way. And I love you, Summer ❤

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